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5 Tips for your pool design

Pool Depth:

Do you want a sport pool, also popular for Volleyball, that has two shallower ends and a little deeper in the middle? Or, do you want a traditional pool that is shallow on one end and deep on the opposite? The sport depth gives you two ends to "hang out" in. When you aren't swimming, what are you doing? Floating? Standing? 

Pool Shape:

Whether you are building a straight-line or free-form (curvy) pool, don't get confused in the design stage of your project. Many of us pool designers will show you different angles of your pool during the design phase and you will likely see an overhead view. Unless you own a helicopter, you may never see your pool from this angle again. This angle does show you what space is available outside of the pool for other things you might need to consider such as; swing sets, grass for a play area or room for dogs. 

Hot Tub Location:

Do you want to be able to sit in your hot tub and watch a TV under your covered patio? Do you want it near the back door so you can run inside quickly when it's cool outside? Do you want to see the spillway on the hot tub from your house? On a practical note; having the hot tub closer to your pool equipment will save money and energy usage but don't let this alone be the deciding factor if the other tips are more important. 

Water Features:

From rock waterfalls to Scuppers (sheet falls) to bubblers, there are many ways to create water features that bring ambiance and sound to your design. Consider whether you want them to have a separate pump so they can run independently from the main pool pump. 

Decking Options:

Decking around your pool is one of the most important design aspects. Like creating a living room space in your house, the pool decking is where you will consider furniture placement. Where do you want your lounge chairs in relation to the sun? Do you want a table near the patio cover? When it comes to types of decking, pavers set in sand have become more popular. Since we live in an area with shifting soil, pavers give you the ability to adjust them without the same expense as breaking out and repouring concrete. But, there are other products such as "acrylic coated concrete" which is cooler to the feet, pea gravel, and more.


In our 20th Year of building pools, we still offer FREE Design services to our customers. Let us come design the backyard of your dreams. Or, if you want to see what might fit in your yard, send us your property survey to:

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