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Houston Pool Builder FAQ

How much does a pool cost to build?

How much is pool maintenance?

Is having a pool high maintenance?

How much is weekly pool service?

Is a pool worth the money?

Does a pool add value to your home?

How much does it cost to resurface a pool?

Should I choose Pebbletec?

How long does Pebbletec last?

How much is a hot tub?

An average starting price for a base pool (meaning standard materials) is between $40-45k.

Pool maintenance can be easy if you stay on top of it. Many pool supply companies will test your water for free. Brush your pool !

Maintenance helps prevent repairs. Keep your filters and pump baskets clean. Maintain your chemicals for longevity.

Weekly pool service (full service) averages between $150/mo to $200/mo. You can also get a chemical only service for less.

Are memories worth it? Is having your own backyard vacation worth it? Cooling off, exercise, pool parties.

Yes and no! Some people search for a home with a pool and some don't want a pool. Although you can get monetary value, there's no replacement for great memories and a lot of fun.

The national average to resurface a pool is about $6500.

Pebbletec is a pool surface made with pebbles. This adds to the durability of your surface making it last longer.

Pebbletec is one of the longest lasting surfaces due to the fact it is made with pebbles. The plaster mix with the combination of pebbles make it last for years.

Adding a hot tub to a pool during construction typically costs between $8 to 10k. Obviously there are a lot of variables. When you add a hot tub and heater, the heater could also heat the pool.

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