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April Facebook Special: Pool/Spa $ 55,900

SPECIAL ENDS: April 15th, 2022 

Your choice of Special 1 (straight line pool) or Special 2 (freeform pool)

Special 1

FB Ad March 22 with spa straight line_002.jpg
FB Ad March 22 with spa straight line_003.jpg

Special 2

FB Ad March 22 with spa freeform_001.jpg
FB Ad March 22 with spa freeform_002.jpg

Included for either:

Special 1 (rectangle) dimensions: 14' wide x 28' long (water)


Special 2 (free form) dimensions: 16' wide across center x 30' long (water)

up to 6' deep

Priced based on a flat yard (no slope). If the yard is sloped, would require more cost.

Normal Access Tractor - 8' Clearance (width and height) 
We assist with Home Owner's Association Approval
County Build Permit - if  in a City proper, flood, FEMA or other requirements needed, will be bid separate and are not included.
Dirt removed from site

General Specifications
Steel Tied 8" On Center

Choice of Standard Travertine Coping

Standard 6" Waterline Tile
2 Main Drains, 2 Skimmers and 4 Returns (50' total plumbing included on skimmers)
Total of 100' Electrical run from your Breaker box to pool equipment and lights. If you don't have enough room in your breaker box, we will need to install a sub-panel which will be extra.

25' of gas hookup to your gas meter from pool equipment

425 SF Spraydeck Decking

Up to 150' of 4" PVC Deck drains
Standard set of 3 entry steps into pool
6' Bench
White interior plaster

Equipment included:
Hayward VS 950 Pump - look it up, it's awesome! Variable Speed, Energy Efficient!
Hayward White Pool Light
Hayward Cartridge Filter

Hayward 400,000 BTU Heater

1.5HP Blower for Hot Tub

6 Jets in Hot Tub
In-Line Chlorinator

Robotic Pool Cleaner

Pole, net, brush and test kit

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can you build this pool/spa this inexpensive?
This question comes up a lot. There are many pool builders that say things like, "we won't come out for less than $70k." Then there are those that promise a QUICK build. You will see ads like "20 years experience in the business."  How do we do it? Although we have built pools over $200k, not everyone wants those. We want to be able to put a package together that more people can afford. Keep in mind; we still include the high grade pool pump and filter on this special. We still use our top notch subs. And for those saying  they have 20 years "experience",  this is a common advertising technique to make you think they have been in business this long. They could have been cleaning pools for 20 years, designing but not building etc. We incorporated in 1999. So, if we add up just a few of our employees, then we have 69 years of experience. That's just not important. Build with us where your project will get finished and your money is safe.

Where do I find my property survey?

You should have received a copy in your closing papers. It's usually a legal size sheet of paper showing the property lines, house, utility easements and has an engineers stamp on it.

Do you offer financing?
We don't do In-House financing but many of our customers have gone to their bank or credit union. You can also contact this company that has worked with many customers:

What if I have a small yard?

We have built many pools in small yards and would be glad to take your survey and design something for you. Give us a shot!

Can we also build patio covers and kitchens?

Yes we do! Check out some of our pictures by clicking "Pics" on the top of this page.

We haven't built our home but wanted to see if you could build the pool while the home is being built?
Yes we can. As long as your builder is able to work with us, we will work with them. Our draw schedule would still need to be adhered to. If we don't know the location of your gas and electric meters, we can't get an exact cost which means the price could change slightly. And if we don't know the finished elevation of your yard, we won't know how to design the deck or pool elevation. When building a pool while the home is being built, we usually stop at the gunite stage so that the home builder doesn't ruin any finish work. We also keep the pool equipment until you are getting close to moving in so it doesn't end up walking off.

*Price is subject to our visit to the site and does not include; underground reroutes, sprinkler repairs/capping, sod replacement, grading, landscaping, or furniture. Tax is included.


Free design/quote. Before setting an appointment, we need your Survey (in original format) to see where the easements are and to check if a pool will fit. For faster service, send a few pictures of the back of your house as well as the locations of both your electric and gas meters. We will come visit with you and then work on your design.

Email me at or call us at 281-858-8000.

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