Area Drains


Area drains are 4" pvc pipe connected to a drain that allows water to flow from the decking out to the street or yard


A Backwash line is used to backwash your DE or Sand filter. It is connected to the filter used to evacuate the dirty water.

Booster Pump

A Booster pump provides a separate pump should you want more water flow to your spa or for a water feature. If you build a spa with your pool and want to use your water feature at the same time, you will need a booster pump.

Check Valve

Check valves are mechanical valves that permit liquids to flow in only one direction, preventing process flow from reversing.


Coping is the material used on the top of the gunite shell. Usually 1' in width, it can be flagstone, brick, travertine and other materials.



Deck-O Drains

Deck-O Drains are a slotted drain installed to allow water to traverse out the ends of its length. 

Expansion Joints

These are the plastic joints installed in concrete to help provide a controlled breaking point should the soil shift and the concrete crack.



Swimming Pool filters are defined by the medium inside the filter tank that provides filtration and there are three types - sand, cartridge and D.E. (diatomaceous earth). Click on each of them to go to our manufacturer's web page.



We build both gas and wood burning firepits. Remember, a permanent firepit can't be used should you want that space in the future for patio furniture or entertaining.



Flagstone is a natural rock with variations of colors and streaks. No rock is alike and flaking can occur.


a mixture of cement, sand, and water applied through a pressure hose, producing a dense hard layer of concrete used in building


Laterals (inlaid in decking)


Laterals are the material inlaid in the decking to soften the appearance of one solid color or material.


Ledgerstone is a faux stone made to look like stacked flagstone. We use it on raised walls, facing of spas and other areas.



Mossrock is a natural rock used in waterfalls and landscaping.


Pea Gravel

Pea Gravel is a type of poured concrete decking with a pebble finish.



Perimeter is the distance around a shape. Notice in the example below, the perimeter is measuring the waterline of the pool and it is 81'9".


Pool Main Drains

The pool main drains, are the two drains at the bottom of the pool used for circulation. They are sometimes confused as a way to drain your pool.


Pool Pump

A pump powered by an electric motor creates the hydraulic flow and pressure needed to circulate water through a pool or spa's plumbing system and related equipment. Visit our manufacturer's website to learn more about pumps available.  (CLICK HERE)


Raised Bond Beam

A raised bond beam is a part of the pool wall that is raised. Many examples are shown below.


Return lines (pool returns)

Pool returns are the fittings in your pool wall that return the filtered water back to your pool.



Scuppers are a man made water feature that is a sheet type waterfall.



A Skimmer is the opening in the top edge of the pool wall that has the "weir", where the leaves float in and get caught in the basket. There is a lid covering it on the decking.



SprayDeck is a coating applied to either existing concrete or new concrete.


Stacked Flagstone Spillway


We create a spillway for your spa, stacking the flagstone for a beautiful look.


Table -in pool

A Table in the pool is a great place to sit around and relax. Two things to keep in mind; 1) the bench is 18" below the table so it won't be like sitting at your dining room table, 2) the base of the table is easy for your pool cleaner's hose to get caught around so the best way to handle that is to cut the hose short and manually clean the side of the pool the table is on.


Tanning Ledge

A tanning ledge is a surface with a depth of 6" of water and can be used as your first step into your pool. We can also make them deeper.


Weeping Wall

A weeping wall is a shorter wall built with mossrock made to look like water is coming in between the rocks in a few places at a slow pace.